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Sivin Kit
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Book Chapters

“One Body, One Spirit, One Hope: We Are Part of this, Together…Intercultural Connectedness as a Church after Corona”, in Church after the Corona Pandemic. Kyle K. Schiefelbein-Guerrero (Eds), Springer, 2023.

“Untangling Religious Fundamentalism: Preliminary Insights into Social Hostility and Religious Divisiveness in Asia.” In Fundamentalismus als ökumenische Herausforderung, pp. 53–71. Brill Schöningh, 2021.

“From Darkness, Light: Between Taman Medan and Donald Trump”, Dialog: Thoughts on Tunku’s Timeless Thinking (Petaling Jaya: Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs/Gerakbudaya, 2017).

“Stepping Forward: Christians and Civil Society in Malaysia”, Jacob Lee (ed.), Crossing Boundaries in Church, Ministry, and Society (Kuala Lumpur: Methodist Lay Ministry Publications, 2015).

“Many Faiths, One Nation”, Tricia Yeoh (ed.), The Road to Reform: Pakatan Rakyat in Selangor (Petaling Jaya: Strategic Information & Research Development Centre, 2010).

Peer-reviewed journal articles

“Speaking the Truth in the Midst of Divisiveness: The Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day statements of the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM)”, The Hong Kong Journal of Catholic Studies, №9 (2018): 450–48.

“Christian Participation and Creative Resistance: Reflecting on Luther’s Two‐fold Governance in Muslim‐Majority Malaysia.” Dialog 56, no. 3 (2017): 260–271.

“Malaysia: Reimagining Solidarity — The ‘Allah’ Controversy, Public Discourse and Intereligious Relations”, edited by Simone Sinn and Tong Weng Sze, Lutheran World Federation Studies, (2016): 161–178.

“I Shop Therefore I am: consumerism and Its Impact on Christian Life and Ministry”, Church & Society in Asia Today, Vol 11 No 2 (August, 2008): 41–50.

Contributions to edited volumes equivalent to peer-reviewed journals

“Interreligious Relations in South East Asia and East Asia” in Edinburgh Companions to Global Christianity — Volume 4 — East and South-East Asia, edited by Kenneth Ross and Todd Johnson. Edinburgh University Press.



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