Casting Bricks to Attract Jade?

Revisiting past posts to energize my writing again

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

I’m revisiting what I’ve written in my Ello ‘blog’ and reposting them here in Medium to jump-start my public writing again. I don’t think I managed to return to the intensity I had during my Sivin Kit’s Garden era. But as the Chinese saying goes: 抛砖引玉 (“cast a brick to attract jade”), I’ll pick up some of my old bricks to make my return gradually.

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Today, I posted my last entry on Sivin Kit’s Garden (a blog I started in August 2009). I had a look at the first entry again; revisiting the feelings of uncertainty and the openness to new discovery brought back fond memories. Reading the following quotation brings a smile to my face.

> “Ah! I dunno what I’m getting myself into … well … let’s see what happens.”

Sometimes I wonder, after all these years, have I really changed that much.

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Sivin Kit

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