We are flawed no matter what we say or do.

All human systems are imperfect and we are flawed no matter what we say or do. And yet, this is the context we must operate in. So, while we may try our best to be fair, to listen, to deliberate, even to debate… and later still needing to decide and…

Random Thoughts before the Lunar New Year

One thing for sure: the temptation to be Chinese-centric is always lurking at the door. It’s so natural for some of us — even second or third generation Chinese outside of China — to refer to the upcoming lunar new year as “Chinese New Year”. …

When my computer crashed and surviving a global pandemic

When I read the old blog post in 2006, I felt it was like a metaphor for how we coped with this long stretched pandemic we all wish will end soon in 2022.

I wonder once we find a moment someday we can reflect on: how did we survive our…

Make my writing in Medium work again!

I’m back writing online again! There’s a part of me that feels this is like blogging, but there’s another part of me that considers this return different and potentially better. In my early blogging days, I wasn’t sure there was anyone really interested in what I have to say. …

Sivin Kit

Life Adventurer, Christian Theologian, Peace Catalyst, Change Collaborator, Transmodern Malaysian

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